Homemade Card Ideas That Will Make Every Card Your Own Creation

This is where you'll learn basic homemade card ideas that I use every day in my business. You don't need to be an artist to use these embellishments.

This is for the whole family, anyone can do it. For many of you it'll be the start of a journey that I'll take you on that will end with you knowing how to make greeting cards from scratch.

At first, you'll copy what I do but before you know it, you'll be using the techniques you've learned to do your own thing and start making greeting cards that are truly unique. Experiment with the materials and use them in different applications, you'll be surprised at the great results.

Tip: Don't overdo the embellishment. We don't want to overpower the original image which should be the viewer's main focus. We want to add just enough embellishment to create more interest in the card. Less is often more.

homemade card ideas

Flower Stems

making greeting cards

Branches & Berries

how to make greeting cards

Glass Effects

Remember that these are my every day ideas. Each new image is thought provoking....how can I make it more interesting?.....more exciting?.....more colorful?.....more fun? We are only limited by our own imaginations. We all have new ideas. Please share yours with me and I'll post the best ones on the site.

There's no reason why you can't use these homemade card ideas on any of the three card types, but you'll find that some will only work on the ClassyCard™ or the UniqueCard™. Because it comes without a border, the UniqueCard™ has the most flexibility for customization.

What you'll learn....

There's a short video at the end of most of the lessons.


For more ideas, check out my handmade card galleries

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