Card Making Ideas - Add Glitter Scrolls to Your Printable Cards

Taking your eye out of the picture is one of the better card making ideas. It's a technique that has been used to great effect in regular artwork, but it still hasn't been used to the same degree in making greeting cards.

Using glitter scrolls is a simple and very effective way of achieving this technique. It's quick, easy and fun to do and it makes your cards different.

Let me show you how it's done.....

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1.  I use this Tulip Diamond Glitter fabric paint for much of my enhancing.

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2.  Here I'll use it over a gentle image of my daughter and the words "Thinking of You". The glitter will brighten the overall effect of the card. I begin at the end of the word "You" and start a scroll shape, a loop or an "S" shape works.

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3.  Practice on a scrap of paper and see where your hand and arm lead you. There isn't a wrong way as long as your curves are unbroken.

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4.  Put the card aside to dry for at least 24 hours.

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