Handmade Cards Reviews

Your beautiful cards arrived, and I just wanted to thank you again for painting all of my favorite things.   Thank you, too, for your thoughtful additional gifts.   Each and every one is precious to me.   You are such a talented artist, Kim.
Warm hugs

Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. Truly breathtaking.
Kate, KS

Many thanks for your many beautiful cards.  We love and enjoy them as do all who receive them.
Deborah, Riverwoods, IL

Good Morning,
Thank you so much for sending the cards.  It puts a smile on my face every time I send one.  I always receive wonderful comments as well.  Have the best day.
Melanie, NJ

Hi Kim,
Your lovely cards arrived today and I am delighted. Thanks so much and thank you for the beautiful extra one! I had almost chosen this one and so it is a pleasure to receive it and as a gift!
Have a joyful and successful season and thank you for sharing your work with us.
Meredith, AZ

Hi there!
Need pick box asap! Fall and holiday! People love your cards!
Holly, Waxhaw, NC

Precious cargo arrived.  You hit the trifecta, beauty, extraordinary talent and kindness.  Thank you once again.  We so appreciate your talent. Happy day!
Rosemary. MI

Your beautiful cards arrived today!  Thank you so much for the three additional cards you included.  You said you explored eastern Canada.  Is it inspiration for your art?
Thank you, Lora. AZ

Looking at your newest cards, I think the scenes that have caught your eyes, have ours also and every time I look at your cards I am in heaven.  I was enthralled by all your new cards and can only imagine how amazing your trips must be.
L.F. Monument, CO

Thank you for your beautiful, thoughtful, observant, humorous and uplifting paintings. Your cards are beautiful and convey so much in the pictures that words don't always succeed at. When I send one of your cards to a friend, it is a special gift.
J.H. Morrison, CO

You never fail to Happy Up my day.  I am beyond happy to have these treasures to share with my friends.
R.H. Bayshore, NY

Everything is so perfect.  They are exquisite and wonderful!
S.T.  Lausanne, Switzerland

Your card was outstanding and I thank you always.
J.T. Council, ID                                               

We are very excited and I must say that EVERYONE who has seen your watercolor greeting cards are VERY impressed.
K.A. Bradenton, FL

How wonderful to have a talent like yours and what a joy you shared these lovely pieces with us.  Of course, I'll never send them out but keep them for myself.
M. C.   Landrum, SC

Wow!!! I was in awe!!!  I went to the Island Library today to get books of all things...I had no idea I would find such joy!  Your painting is extraordinary!! 
I swear to you when I say that I loved EVERY piece.  Your use of color is so appealing!
Again, Kim, I just wanted to say thanks for brightening my day, it was a great lift for a Monday.
I did check out your web site.  Again...excellent!  However, the computer imaging hardly does justice to your passion.
L. M.   Anna Maria, FL

I surely do like our "new" bathroom with seven of your sea creature paintings providing the theme and visual interest.                                                                    
E. A.   Newport, RI

Your cards are so very beautiful!  We love them and so do our customers.
A. & R. M.   Denver, CO

Your work is truly beautiful.  I can see why so many people are inspired by your painting. My favorites are the island and the sun and sea cards... they make me want to take an escorted tour in the Hawaiian islands! Keep on doing what you're doing!  
L.D.  New York, NY

You are indeed one of my very favorites.  Thank you again for allowing me to share your art with gallery friends.  It's the most fun art I have!
M. R.   Plymouth, OH

Your work is truly wonderful! I always try and write a note to the artist and tell them, sometimes when you work alone, you get blinded.  But, as you know, I loved these from the start.  Your work makes one happy.
L. P-S.   Benicia, CA

I have just spent a day with your beautiful cards in my arms....taking them to buy frames and glass and matting. At every stop, I shared the beauty of your work... and you.  I know they will be visiting your web site.  Thank you so much, your work is spectacular.

J. T.   Northport, NY

Having grown up with the artist's daughter, I'm one of the lucky few who have been delighted by these watercolors for years. I always look forward to a new card, and have saved many from birthdays and holidays. Some I  have framed together, and now every morning when I get dressed I see the happy face of the Holiday Gingerbread Man, the Valentine's Day Heart and the simple reminder that there's always a beach to sit on with a good book with the Beach Umbrella. 
Don't miss out! 
D.S. Huntington, NY

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