How to Make Your Downloaded Printable Cards Look Outstanding!

Have you ever sent printable cards that people tell you they want to frame and keep? It leaves a wonderful feeling with both you and the recipient.

There's something special about getting a handmade card because it shows extra caring and thoughtfulness.

I'll show you in easy steps how to make classy cards that people will love to receive and keep.

Make it Unique.....

We’ll go through the steps together so you can learn how to make stunning art cards like the ones I’m selling in over 150 upscale gift shops.

The fun part is that you will make each greeting card unique. Anyone can do this! I'll show you how.....



Embellish.....It's that easy!

rooster image, print your own cards
beach breezes image
rhododendrons image

Printable cards of this quality are hard to find but now they're available to you on this site.

The best part is that you'll learn how to make any of these art cards fit any occasion.....Birthday.....Get Well.....Thank You.....

Since I started making greeting cards like this in 1996, I've also had the opportunity to teach others how to make these beautiful little keepsakes. For me, there are few things more pleasurable than seeing my students' reactions when they realize that they also have the talent to make a unique card - a keeper. I want to share this joy with you by showing how, in easy steps, you can make unique art cards from downloaded printable cards.

Tips That Will Make Your Greeting Card Printing Look Professional

Greeting card printing is a very satisfying and enjoyable experience that I want to share with you.

I've sold thousands of printed art cards to high end gift stores, galleries, museums and other places where people are expecting a high quality product.

Beautiful greeting cards using a home printer

Getting the best results comes from a combination of these three

If you follow my advice for each of these elements, you'll achieve the same beautiful results without spending a fortune!

BIG tip!

Don't get hung up on color accuracy!!

Some stores sell both my originals and prints, so color accuracy is very important to me. The customer only knows the difference because of the price or by looking at the back of the card which tells whether it's a print or an original.

Unless you're selling your own art, color accuracy is of secondary importance.

This is not the place to get into the details of color calibration which is available with the better printers. Just remember that monitors and printers use entirely different methods of producing color, so what you print, will not be exactly what you see on the screen but it's not important. The person who receives your printable greeting card has nothing to compare it with so the actual colors are not critical.

Color vibrancy is your concern. The colors must look alive. If they don't, it's apparent to everyone, even in delicate watercolors.

The links that follow will show you how to get colors that pop.

Here are some great tips to get you started.....

Three Important Basics

Click here to find out how to choose a printer....

Click here to learn about how to choose the right paper or card stock....

Click here to learn about choosing inks.....


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