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Hi, I'm Kim. Thank you for visiting Handmade Cards by Kim where I think you'll be spoiled for choice with these delightful creations and where you can learn how to make them yourself.

I've been making greeting cards and marketing them through my company, "A Small Work of Art"® since 1996 but my new popular line of Enhanced Prints has only been available in many fine stores. Now I'm excited to be able to offer them to you online at this site.

Handmade greeting cards offer you so much more than mass produced greeting cards. They're a refreshing stand out from the crowd; they're the ones that you notice when you go back through your holiday cards or birthday cards. They make you know that the sender may have been a little more thoughtful when choosing that handmade Christmas card or Love card.

Today's printing technology allows us to make handmade greeting cards that are unique and competitively priced.

Each of my handmade cards is a print of one of my own original hand painted cards and each print is uniquely enhanced by me.

No two cards are the same.

water lily image
wren image
bunch of grapes image

What you'll find on this site.....

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You'll be able to browse through my handmade cards gallery where you'll find a great variety of greeting cards created from my paintings. The subjects are numerous - Alaska, Arts, Baby , Birds and Animals, Birthday, Celebrations, East Coast, Easter and Spring, Father's Day, Flowers, Food and Wine, Get Well, Graduation, Hawaii, Holidays, Inspirational, Judaica, Lavender, Lighthouses, Mother's Day, Mountains, Sun and Sea, Thank You, Valentine's Day, Weddings, West Coast and Western.

I'm always adding new images so keep checking back!  Better yet, subscribe to RSS to stay in touch with the latest updates of Handmade Cards by Kim.

Free Card Embellishment Lessons with videos....

  • You'll see examples of handmade cards and loads of handmade card ideas.

Printing Tips.....

  • Using just one valuable tip will improve even the most run-of-the-mill free printable greeting cards and make those colors pop!

  • The more tips you use, the better the results.

Customizing techniques.....

  • How to make your cards look different.

Card Making Basics.....

  • Let's be creative. Make it from scratch.....I'll show you how.

  • Do your own thing, using your favorite photos or paintings.

  • Learn the tips and techniques for successful collage work.


  • Learn what supplies you need and where to get them.

Have some fun and be creative

If you don't have time to make your own, enjoy the handmade cards gallery.

Choose your favorites to send to family, friends, coworkers and clients. They'll appreciate that you've chosen a truly unique handmade greeting card to honor them with.

For handmade card ideas, look through your photo collection and magazines for images that you could enhance.

Scrapbookers, calligraphers and 2D artists of all disciplines, this is a whole new world of creative touches that you'll love. Your embellished photos will jump off the pages of your albums.

I know you'll be glad you spent some time learning new techniques by visiting Handmade Cards by Kim.

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