Inspirational and Spiritual Cards

All occasion inspirational and spiritual greeting cards from Angels to Zen Wishes share the emotions of hope, encouragement, gratitude, love and more with enhanced prints.  Touch the recipient's soul with these inspired greetings.

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 Pricing Options
1 - 9 cards       $5.50 each
10 - or more cards    $4.50 each
(The discount is applied to the total order)

Frame ready, matted 8" x 10" prints    $20.00 each.

I love this quote and decided to put it in my artistic butterfly painting.  It's so wonderfully hopeful!  The butterfly's wings are embellished with glitter.

Here's a hopeful, warm landscape to calm an anxious soul.  It's a reminder to inhale, exhale and relax.

Such sage advice.  This empowering quote by Kobi Yamada touched me the first time I saw it.  Send it as an inspiring graduation card.

Here's a bold and beautiful way of sharing a soul greeting and connection.  The embellishment is a movement on the water with clear sparkles.

What the world needs now and always. This enhanced print can also bring comfort to the unsettled or grieving
The Lotus floats on shimmering water.

This is such a funny quote.  Send this enhanced spiritual greeting card to friends whom you admire.  They'll know how much you think of them.

I loved painting this dramatic landscape and adding the word "Relax" seemed perfect.  The still water has a slight ripple effect in the foreground to further engage the viewer.

This pretty painting is an appropriate backdrop to one of my favorite quotes.  It's a comforting handmade card that's bound to give hope to the recipient.

Such basic advice, just breathe.  Here's a simple colorful watercolor that reminds one to relax and let the worries of the world fall away.

The Lotus is such a beautiful way of illustrating the word "inspire".  Give this lovely card to those who affect you in all the right ways.  Here's a touching enhanced card for teachers and professors.

Honor and celebrate the professional caregivers who touch our lives and help us to heal.

I share this with special friends.  The rose teapot is embellished.

This is a heavenly card with the first hint of the holidays.  I like to write on the inside, "You decorate my holidays".  The garland is enhanced with raised flowers for a feminine touch.

For me this image is cathartic.  I painted many of these roses post surgery and love to share them with fellow survivors.

These sea oats in warm colors enhanced with touches of gold, invite the recipient to become less tense or anxious.  A great card to send to good friends to let them know that they are in your thoughts.

A serene sprite with a sparkly halo wrapped in comforting wings is a sweet handmade spiritual greeting card.

Analogous colors painted around an angel and embellished with a sparkle flourish is a great all occasion spiritual greeting card.

A peaceful, serene reminder to rejoice in life on life's terms against the backdrop of the tropics.
This condolence or get well card is meaningful to a friend who's life is difficult at present.

This warm welcoming card extends welcome with a bold watercolor of a window.  Frame it and put it in a guest bedroom.

Touch a friend's heart with this simple message and a Bluejay feather.

A delicate angel in color makes this graceful greeting card perfect for all occasions.  Her dress is alive with embellished sparkles.

Here's a warm, inviting spiritual greeting card.  I enhance the flowers on the window sill and hope it touches hearts.

Here's a whimsical, yet touching sympathy card.  When you add sincere words to the inside, it's sure to leave an impression of caring.

Zen Wishes

This Zen wishes card conveys the ability to confront fear, uncertainty, pain, intimidation and danger.

This Zen wish addresses permanence.   It's a perfect anniversary or wedding card and is very meaningful to me as the calligraphy contains a "J" and a "K", my husband's and my initials.

When you give this card, you share the incredibly powerful word that makes the world go around.  It's perfect for weddings and anniversaries and should be included in any framed grouping of these Zen wishes.

One of the Zen Wishes series.  These  cards look great when framed in groupings.  Wisdom is a powerful wish to send to someone.

Here's another Zen wish.  Harmony is a rich wish to give for musicians, lovers and newlyweds.  Remember to frame the Zen wishes in groupings for inspiring home decor.

The visual strength of bamboo and the character of peace combine for this Zen image.
Frame this with other Zen wishes to add spiritualism to your walls.

Spread pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy with this Zen wish.  Choose five or seven of these spiritual greeting cards to frame them in an inspiring grouping.

Enduring friendships strengthen and sustain our lives.  The characters for friendship  adjacent to the enduring strength of bamboo.

Here's a perfect card to send to bring serenity and calm to someone who needs it.


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