Get Well, Thinking of You Cards

Get well cards are so important.  Delight the recipient with a one of a kind handmade card that is sure to bring a smile.

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 Pricing Options
1 - 9 cards       $5.50 each
10 - or more cards    $4.50 each
(The discount is applied to the total order)

Frame ready, matted 8" x 10" prints    $20.00 each.

Bring a smile to the recipient's face with the command issued by this happy dog.  It is sure to get the message across ..his wet nose and tongue  help.

Joey from "Friends" made the question universal....I tweaked it with this woolly sheep painting and a whimsical play on words.

A floral Get Well card.  This bunch of flowers is held together with a Bandaid.  It's whimsical and so appropriate.  I embellish the image with four raised dots of color.

After experiencing the sure and gentle care of nurses, I made this card.  It is perfect to give as a Thank You for all their efforts.

My white lily painting is very popular.  Here it is as a Thinking of You of You card.  Perfect as a Get Well card.  The vibrant colors will bring energy with them and it will stand out from all the other cards.  You'll be happy you've chosen this one.

This is a cleverly enhanced Thinking of You card.  I bring the hangers out of the image and onto the card using raised silver paint, then the flowers are brightened with acrylic color.

Here's a serene Get Well or Condolence card that reaches out to the recipient in several ways.  The two birds signify friendship and the calm sea is relaxing.  Even the sun is shining as seen by the blue shadows.

Don't you love this saying? It's so hopeful.  The reality of change can be very unsettling so consider writing "....but the hallway's a bitch" on the inside.  Everyone gets it and it usually elicits laughter.

These sweet peas are sure to cheer up the recipient.  I wish I could paint the magical scent of them.  They're enhance with bright color dots.

A seminal command that seems to simplify the complications that arise when fear and confusion dominate.  I use it on an eye catching  landscape in the hope that it will get the message across.

I hope this inspiring Get Well card is just what you were looking for.  The gold enhancements on the sea oats make the painting come to life.

A soft, sweet portrait from my imagination carries the message that you are in our thoughts. I enhance this card by carrying her hair out of the image onto the white card.

A bluejay feather is a simple way to send a message that we want you back soon.  It focuses on how much you are missed. Native American lore sees the bluejay as fearless, resourceful and vigilant.

Wishes for a speedy recovery is brought to you by this graceful angelfish who bubbles the greeting in a whimsical way.

Send a warm calming picture with the word "Relax".  It's bound to capture their attention for a while as they lose themselves in the pink dawn with slow moving water and coasting birds.

This was painted for a beautiful young doctor, Lee Ann.  It is meant to show the strength of science and the beauty of nature entwined.  Perhaps a great card to thank the doctor with?

A Bluebird of happiness is on this Get Well card to brighten their day with sunshine and your friendship.

This bright seascape will put the image of a different view to suggest an escape from the present.

This chintz china cup brings a message that crosses the miles.  Send this to a friend who is far away and let them know that you wish they were close by.


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