Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day cards are fun to paint!  Being hopelessly romantic, I'm inspired by many aspects of love.  Focusing on the subject,  I find inspiration is constant and my efforts often emerge playfully as whimsical renditions.

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Hogs 'n' Kisses image

Hogs 'n' Kisses

Heart Cactus image

Heart Cactus

Be You Tiful image

Be YouTiful

Martini - Olive You image

Martini - Olive You

You're My Significant Otter image

You're My Significant Otter

Nine Hearts I Love You More image

Nine Hearts
I Love You More

Colored Heart I Love You image

Colored Heart
I Love You

Squirrel I'm Nuts About You image

I'm Nuts About You

Heart Wreath image

Heart Wreath

Two Roses, handmade card

Two Roses

Two entwined red roses.  What a romantic image!  Let the power of suggestion in this Valentines Day card lead to an engaging evening.

Frog Prince valentine card

Frog Prince

I paint a shiny crown on each of my frogs.  It reminds me of the playful saying "You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince".

Whoo Loves You?, valentines card

Whoo Loves You?

This isn't your standard Valentine card.  Keep 'em guessing by giving this whimsical owl.

Side by Side Couple

Side by Side  Couple

This simple painting illustrates the feeling of complete contentment when we are next to the one we love the best.

Sparkle Heart in Blue, valentines card

Sparkle Heart in Blue

Here's a graphic heart embellished with a flash of pearlescent shimmer.

Love Abstract

Love Abstract

This warm abstract carries the best four letter word with embellishments of sparkles and gems.

i love ewe image

I Love Ewe

When she was painted as an experiment on Gesso, she opened a door onto the many possibilities of the word ewe.  Living in NC, the word you is pronounced ewe.  What fun!

beach couple image

Love Quote

I'm so glad this statement appeared in front of me one day.  The painting is one I did using Don Andrews' inspiring technique for glowing colors.  It makes a very loving Valentines card.

calligraphy heart valentines-day-cards

Calligraphy Heart

This dramatic calligraphy is alive with color and feeling.  It's sure to make an impression every time it's opened.  The embellishments used are hologram sparkles and neon acrylic paint.

Valentine Bear image

Valentine Bear

This furry fella is sending a Valentine message, "Be Mine!".  It's also a playful anniversary card for your spouse.

couple with balloon image

Couple with Balloon

As I age, the closeness of mature partners delights me.  I show it in this painting  and add the bling to each one with the sparkly gold balloon.  Celebrate love with this art card.

butterfly image


My ethereal image of a butterfly is enhanced with a silver sparkle heart.  This artistic representation of a butterfly makes a wonderful Valentine card as it alludes to the feelings of new love "butterflies".

beach image

Beach Couple

A Valentine card that expresses togetherness.  The edge of the water is alive with sparkles.

Some Bunny

Some Bunny

This whimsical love card has the bunny with shiny whiskers looking in at you.  The play on words is a sure way to further delight the recipient.

angel image

Angel Heart in Pink

She's tiny but full of emotion.  Her head is wreathed in a flower halo and she's clasping a big heart.

valentine angel image

Valentine Angel

Send this art greeting card for Valentines Day. The male angel is left unpainted on a prism background of analogous colors. He's holding a sparkly garland with a raised heart at it's end.

angel heart image

Angel Heart

This little sprite is holding a big Valentine and is wearing a wreath of flowers in her hair.    She's going to capture will you with this card.

There is Gold in Every Part of You Story image

There is Gold in Every Part of Your Story


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