Celebration Cards

Share the mood with an embellished print of my festive Celebration Cards.

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Frame ready, matted 8" x 10" prints    $20.00 each.


Ice Cream Sundae

Pig in Window Best Wishes image

Pig in Window
Best Wishes

Swans Happy Anniversary image

Swans Happy Anniversary

Pair of Yellow Roses Happy Anniversary image

Pair of Yellow Roses Happy Anniversary

Celebrate image


You Really Otter Celebrate image

You Really Otter Celebrate

Party Dress image

Party Dress

Champagne and Glass image

Champagne and Glass

It's time to celebrate when you send this sparkly card.  See the bubbles in the flutes and above them.  This captures the essence of success.

It's Your Big Day image

It's Your Big Day

This birthday card addresses the "Special Occasion".  The recipient is going to love the sentiment and celebrate even more.

Add More Wine image

Add More Wine

What a fun card!  Bring a smile to your friends' faces when you give them this card.  Foodies will appreciate this concept.

Friendship image


Touch the heart of your dear friends with this rich card.  The grapes are raised on every card.

Red Door Best Wishes image

Red Door Best Wishes

What a lovely image to send with best wishes.  The welcoming red door holds unlimited potential.  I enhance the flowers with raised paint to give the card punch.

A Good Cook image

A Good Cook

This wonderful quote on my colorful abstract painting is the perfect card to send as a thank you to the "Hostess with the mostess".  It's a stunning "bread and butter" card.

Follow Your Dreams, They Know The Way image

Follow Your Dreams, They Know The Way

This quote from Kobi Yamada so delighted me that this card was created to share the message.  A perfect graduation, or wedding card.

Red Wine Cheers image

Red Wine Cheers

Send a sophisticated greeting card using my red wine painting in a maroon frame.  The English greeting "Cheers" makes this a great celebration card.

Joy Calligraphy image

Joy Calligraphy

This was such fun to create.  I was able to do it on the first try and love the feeling it expresses.  It's a wonderful  card for so many occasions - engagement, weddings, good news of any type.

Tulips Celebrate image

Tulips Celebrate

My tulips painting can be a great way to send a card for graduation, new job or anniversary, and of course, it makes a beautiful birthday card.  The  Bluebells are embellished with raised dots.

When One Door Closes Another Opens image

When One Door Closes Another Opens

This uplifting greeting card is perfect to send to folks who are dealing with change.  They are the ones who need a bit of cheering up because as the rest of the saying goes..."but the hallway's a bitch!"

Celebrate Now


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