Card Making Ideas - Add Branches and Berries to Your Printable Cards

wren image

Embellishing your image with branches and berries is one of the most effective card making ideas.

The berries are eye-catching with their bright colors and 3D look.

The branches take your eye out of the picture to give added interest.

Let's see how it's done.....

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1.  When I embellish the Wren and Berries print, the first step is to extend a berry branch out of the print and onto the card. I use a mixture of Hooker's Green and Sienna watercolor and swoop a limb down in one stroke.

wren image
wren image

2.   Adding the plump berries is so much fun. Use a fabric paint and dot on the berries everywhere you think they should go.

I think any brand or even an unbranded type works well. Shake the paint down to the nozzle first and then test it on some scrap paper before using it on your print.

fabric paint image
wren image
wren image
wren image
wren image

3. Put the card aside to dry for at least 24 hours.

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