Card Making Ideas - Cutouts Make Your Printable Cards Stand Out

Cutouts is one of the card making ideas that I'm using more frequently because it captures the viewer so easily.

It's easy to do and very effective!

Let's try one now.....

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1.  I've chosen the Mountain Wild Flowers image to demonstrate the technique.

cutouts image, card making ideas, embellishing images

2.   I'm going to cut the sky off the image, so I only run my silver edging up to the bottom of the sky on each side.

cutouts image, examples of handmade cards, printable cards

3.   Cut along the mountain ridge.

cutouts image, handmade card making supplies, about handmade cards

4.  Place 2 sided tape as close to the ragged edge as you can and along the bottom edge of the print.

cutouts image, card embellishment,easy handmade cards

5.  Position the print on the card stock and you have an eye-catching card.

cutouts image, pretty handmade cards,greetings handmade cards

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