Card Making Ideas - Add Silver Fences to Your Printable Cards

Adding a silver fence to a landscape is one of the easiest of our card making ideas, yet it is so effective because that simple shiny image immediately grabs the viewer's attention. That's what we want to achieve and that's what the recipient loves!

Let's do it together now....                                                          

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1.  Silver fences make eye-catching detail when used against a dark background. For this example, I'm using the Deer in the Woods painting.

It's OK without the fence but I prefer to enhance it with the fence and hope that then folks will notice the well camouflaged deer!

I'll use the Hybrid Gel Roller for this effect.

handmade cards, embellishing images

.  This is too easy, I draw the uprights of the fence in seconds.

handmade card making, homemade card ideas

.  Then I connect them with cross pieces. I think of them as "equals" signs.

card making ideas, examples of handmade cards

4.  The fences can be softened by foliage or flowers at their base. I pop two or three dots of green or flower colors.

homemade cards, fabric paint

5.  Here she is!

downloadable printable cards, make your own cards

.  If you have a light background where a fence would look good, such as in a snow scene, just switch to a dark color. The color isn't critical, just make sure you've got good contrast.