Card Making Ideas - Add Glass Effects to Your Printable Cards

This is always one of the most satisfying card making ideas to use. The bright sparkle of glass on a painting always begs the question, "How do they do that?".   Like most other things, it's easy when you know how, you'll be amazed!

Here's how in simple steps.....

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1.  Tulip Diamond Glitter fabric paint enhances glass wonderfully. It goes onto the paper looking creamy and opaque.

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2.  I usually outline the glass with quick, light strokes then I add a few more vertical strokes. Sometimes I drag the glitter across the waterline.

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3.  When the fabric paint dries, there are wonderful hologram colors making the glass shimmer and shine.

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Don't they look beautiful and wasn't that easy?

4.  Put the card aside to dry for at least 24 hours.

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