Create Greeting Cards For Gifted People

This line of images caters to those who would like to create greeting cards for someone with a special talent. Do you know someone who's a dancer, a painter or a musician or who has a special talent that you'd like to acknowledge?

This is a great way to say thank you to a participant in a school concert or a local art show.

Select the card of your choice and add your own special greeting. It's so easy and so satisfying and it shows that you've got your own special talent and thoughtfulness when you create greeting cards.

To see a larger version, just click on the image then click anywhere to close the image. The size of the image will depend on your screen resolution settings.

This image is not suitable for printing, for that, you need to click on one of the "Card" links below the small picture. That will link you to a high resolution file that you can download and print.

If you need instructions on how to make the three different types of cards, click here.

A colorful palette on a contrasting background makes a graphic artistic statement.

This is great fun to enhance with puddles of color placed onto the palette.

Frame it for your studio or share it with a fellow artist.

create greeting cards, artists palette image

Click on these links to get your free greeting cards

EzCard™     ClassyCard™     UniqueCard™

treble clef image, free downloadable cards

Music lovers will delight in this Treble Clef image painted on the color spectrum.

It symbolizes the all encompassing properties of sounds from symphonies through jazz to blues and beyond.

This colorful image says a lot, just like you can when you send it!

Click on these links to get your free greeting cards

EzCard™     ClassyCard™     UniqueCard™

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