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Welcome to my handmade cards gallery where you're sure to find some special treasure that will appeal to you.

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You will find these delightful paintings and photos of tiny treasures perfect for baby showers, gifts and nursery decor.

tropical island image


Warm, wonderful watercolors of sea shores, sandals, palms, dunes and sun kissed places.  Many of the cards get framed as groupings.

Birds & Animals

This handmade cards gallery has images that capture the beauty and many times the whimsey of creatures we love.

max, bird greeting cards


You can celebrate with these enhanced images that cover a wide range of subjects bound to appeal to everyone.

birthday bougainvillea
red wine cheers


I love painting pictures that are all about a celebration.  Pick up on my festive vibes with these handmade cards.


Father's Day

These cards are all embellished.  Dad will know he's #1 when he receives one of them from you.


I love capturing the essence of flowers in watercolor.  The subject and the medium are  made for each other.

pink roses in green vase

Fruits & Vegetables

Consider using these handmade cards in framed groupings. They will brighten a kitchen or dining room.

basket of apples

Get Well

This series of  handmade cards is meant to make the recipient feel better through humor, charm and inspiration.  They'll give you warm fuzzy feelings when you send or present them.



Enhanced handmade greeting cards leave a lasting impression when you send them as Holiday cards.

There's a colorful selection here.


Inviting vistas from many places have been keeping me busy for years. You're bound to find the perfect place in these landscapes.


Decorate a room with a few 8" x 10" prints.  Send the cards with their crystal lenses to delight folks.  Everybody loves lighthouses.

iris mom

Mother's Day

These pretty handmade Mother's Day cards will warm Mom's heart.  She'll notice how everyone has been embellished and you'll be her favorite for a day.


Watercolor paintings of awesome mountains are such fun to paint.  The secret lies in the shadows.

These are majestic handmade all occasion greeting cards.

Music & Art

Musicians, dancers, painters, calligraphers and all will appreciate handmade greeting cards with these paintings on them.

Put them in 5 x 7 frames as appropriate and unique gifts.



Here are handmade cards devoted to encouragement, compassion and a sense of faith.  Colorful enhanced images that touch the soul.

Thank You

A handmade Thank You card serves to capture the smile, hug or handshake that you would give in person in a form that can be read and treasured.

calligraphy heart


Steal their hearts away with one of a kind handmade Valentine's Day cards.

Mine are whimsical, thoughtful and colorful.


Give the Bride and Groom a handmade card that they'll cherish. It will stand out from the others because it's enhanced and unique.

silhouette couple


Enhanced  western greeting cards will stand out from all the rest.  They are unforgettable "one of a kind" all occasion cards for lovers of the enchanted lands of the American West. The magical topography has long been a constant source of inspiration for artists.

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