These western themed paintings on cards have captured the colors and the sense of place that makes the American west such an outstanding subject for a painter. My palette tips toward turquoise and gold for many of the images.  The landscapes are my perceptions of the enchanted areas that I traveled through.  In embellishing each card I relive those joyful explorations. These enhanced cards lend themselves to all occasions and are perfect for framing in groupings that set a tone in a room and states a love of western art.

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Colorado River image

Colorado River

el Capitan image

el Capitan

Capital Reef Barn image

Capital Reef Barn

Arches 2 image

Arches 2

Canyonlands image


Kanab image


Zion Impressions image

Zion Impressions

Adobe Church Bell image

Adobe Church Bell

The Gossips image

The Gossips

Big Sky image

Big Sky

Yucca Bloom image

Yucca Bloom

Adobe Flowers image

Adobe Flowers

Zion Kolob image

Zion Kolob

Boot on Blue image

Boot on Blue

Rider image


Three Rocks image

Three Rocks

Boots Collage image

Boots Collage

Rio Grande image

Rio Grande

The Narrows image

The Narrows

Bryce Outcrop image

Bryce Outcrop

Mesa Morning image

Mesa Morning

Taos Sunrise image

Taos Sunrise

Chili image


High Desert image

High Desert

Cold Cowboy image

Cold Cowboy

Saguaro image


Copper Kokopelli image

Copper Kokopelli

Dream Catcher image

Dream Catcher

Loblolly Break image

Loblolly Break

Fly Fisherman image

Fly Fisherman

Stag image


Scottsdale Sunrise image

Scottsdale Sunrise

Skull image



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