Flower Cards

These embellished flower cards are bright and beautifully capture the essence of the varied blooms.  They are the perfect all occasion card and beg to be framed in a group.

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The Gardener image

The Gardener

Tulips in Yellow image

Tulips in Yellow

Magnolia on Brown image

Magnolia on Brown

Wren and Jasmine image

Wren and Jasmine

Primroses image


Lupine image


Lily of the Valley in Green image

Lily of the Valley in Green

Violets in Vase image

Violets in Vase

Hollyhocks on Gold image

Hollyhocks on Gold

White Spring Flower image

White Spring Flower

Waterlily II image

Waterlily II

Bowl of Daisies image

Bowl of Daisies

Yucca Bloom image

Yucca Bloom

Color Flowers in Vase image

Color Flowers in Vase

Gardenia image


Tropical Flowers image

Tropical Flowers

Peonies image


hydrangeas image


tiger lily image

Tiger Lily

Sunflower image



Sweet Peas

If only I could paint their wonderful scent!  These are standing in a glass that I enhance with sparkles.

eucharist lily image

Eucharist Lily

This striking painting makes a perfect all occasion greeting card for garden lovers. Many will want to frame it in a standard 5x7 frame.

Poppy image


What a wonderful all occasion card, with brilliant colors and brush strokes of green that are painted after the poppy card is assembled.

Shadow Rose image

Shadow Rose

The glowing colors of this card make it a favorite.  Send it as a celebration or to brighten someone's day. Give it framed as a rich treasure.

lilacs image

Lilacs In Vase

I had such fun painting this bouquet of Dorothy's lilacs.  She, Patty and I spent a Spring afternoon with these flowers.  They are embellished with sparkling glass and dimension.

water lily image

Water Lily On Gold

The glowing colors of this card make it a favorite.  Send it as a celebration or to brighten someone's day. Give it framed as a rich treasure.

roses and lavender image

Roses and Lavender

This pretty painting is sure to please a flower lover.  Why not send it for a birthday card.  It is light and sweet.

Iris image


The iris painting is simple and spontaneous but the enhancement always gets a second look.   I paint the stem and leaves beneath the image on every one.

rhododendrons image


An explosion of blooms seems to personify the vibrant rhododendron.   The embellishment of leaves, flowers and the vase make this card sparkle.

hellebore image


My gardener friend Dorothy made me aware of this exquisite flower.  My painting is more botanical than impressionistic.  Perhaps this one should be framed.

daffodil image


Spring has sprung!  Send this as a flower birthday card to February and March celebrants.  Its bold color and simple composition will brightACen a room.

Roses in Green Vase image

Roses in Green Vase

Our friend Maria brought these roses as a hostess gift. The next morning I had to capture the sunlight pouring in on them. 

white dogwood image

White Dogwood

A white subject just loves a dark background.  When I finished this watercolor I was filled with joy.  Pass on the excitement with this flower card.


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