Thank You Cards

When you look through this whimsical, colorful collection of Thank You cards, I suspect you will search your thoughts for someone to send one to.  They are sure to be appreciated as every image has been enhanced once it is placed on the blank card.  When you make the effort to thank people, you show them that they touched your life in a special way.  Not only is it a positive affirmation of the recipient, it gives the sender a happy sense of completion.

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 Pricing Options
1 - 9 cards       $5.50 each
10 - or more cards    $4.50 each
(The discount is applied to the total order)

Frame ready, matted 8" x 10" prints    $20.00 each.

Ladybug image


Rose Hips in Green image

Rosehips in Green

Send this lovely card after Christmas.

Thanks a Bunch image

Thanks a Bunch

Here's a whimsical Thank You card.  I enhance it with a flourish of hologram crystal glue.

Pig in Window image

Pig in Window

Here's one that will bring a smile.  This cheeky piglet with muddy hooves gets the message across.

Dramatic Sky image

Dramatic Sky

Doodle Heart image

Doodle Heart

Tree Arch image

Tree Arch

Just a hint of mountains peeks through the arched trees.  That and the dramatic foreground make a stunning card.

Bear image


Here he is, cute as a button, peering in a window to deliver the massage.

Indian Paintbrush Merci image

Indian Paintbrush Merci

For a change, here is a literal twist on "Thank You".

Frog on Red image

Frog on Red

Want a bright graphic and whimsical card? This is the one. Froggy is leaning out of a red field holding  your message of gratitude.

Iris image


Poppy image


Basket of Cyclamen image

Basket of Cyclamen

Dunes image


This card is enhanced with silver grass and makes a wonderful impression.

Bloodroot image


Gardener image


A lovely embellished card for garden lovers and all the recipients of treasure for friendship gardeners.

Angel Oak image

Angel Oak

This spectacular Live Oak is a handsome image and is embellished with interference lights. They pop when the card is twisted slightly.

Holiday Bear Thank You image

Holiday Bear

Here is a whimsical Bear next a Christmas tree, a perfect Thank You for a holiday gift.

Holly in Glass image

Holly in Glass

Rose Hips image

Rose Hips

This understated Thank You will still grab the attention of the recipient.

Child in Snow image

Child in Snow

A sweet, open armed, hug ready, snow suit stuffed child is a whimsical way of saying Thank You after Christmas.

Thank Ewe image

Thank Ewe

I simply couldn't resist making my painting of this ewe into a Thank Ewe card.  Her wool is embellished with interference gold paint.

Red Couple image

Red Couple

Hollyhocks in Pink image

Hollyhocks in Pink

Two Daisies Thank You image

Two Daisies

Flower Path Thank You image

Flower Path

Pansies Thank You image


This colorful card will delight flower lovers.


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