Landscape Cards

Landscape cards using prints of my watercolors convey the love I have for beautiful vistas.  They speak to the variety of appealing places.  So many of these paintings are captured memories rather than paintings from photos.

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Frame ready, matted 8" x 10" prints    $20.00 each.

After the Storm image

After the Storm

This colorful watercolor print captures the hopefulness after the storm.

Angel Oak image

Angel Oak

I painted this outstanding Live Oak after visiting it just south of Charleston, SC. For me, the magic of the painting lies in the sunlit shadows.

Summer Barn image

Summer Barn

Here is a rural scene with great contrast in color.

Breezy Sky image

Breezy Sky

A fresh, clear, simple landscape makes a perfect all occasion card.

Prairie Barn

Some barns are so eyecatching.  This one invites you to visit; walk in past the golden grass.  It's a unique rural all occasion card.

Cliff House image

Cliff House

Autumn Reflection image

Autumn Reflection

Autumn image


Fall Walk image

Fall Walk

Backlit Trees image

Backlit Trees

Alders image


Fredrick Sound Whales image

Fredrick Sound Whales

Northern Lights image

Northern Lights

Low Country Creek image

Low Country Creek

Here is a warm and peaceful all occasion card.

Bluebell Path image

Bluebell Path

This image takes you in, then leads you out.  Along the way, the embellished Bluebells sparkle.

Autumn Vignette image

Autumn Vignette

flatlands image


This painting delighted me with its bright soft colors.  Why not frame this as an uplifting gift.

wild dunes

Wild Dunes

The sea oats and the wet footprints are painted onto the card to delight beach lovers.

lavender and barn image

Lavender and Barn

Send this lovely painting to country lovers.  The flowers are enhanced to further delight them.

Cabin in the Woods image

Cabin in the Woods

Peace and quiet, away from it all.  This embellished card is an invitation to relax.

garden path image

Garden Path

A bucolic image to captivate gardeners everywhere. The embellished path leads them into the scene.

adobe image

Adobe Gateway

This one brings a smile because my family knows that I took huge artistic license to convert reality into this inviting greeting card.

pastel landscape image

Pastel Landscape

Warm colors give this card an edge.  It will appeal to folks who love wide open spaces.

sunset image

Coastal Sunset

A calming painting with sparkles on the breaking waves.  This all occasion card takes the recipient to a peaceful place.

Lily Pond image

Lily Pond

Don't you want to step into this tranquility?

rivers edge image

River's Edge

A vignette that becomes more appealing in the addition of the flow of water.  A peaceful yet compelling image to send.  Consider this for a sympathy card.

Lakeside Bullrushes image

Lakeside Bullrushes

Enhanced tall grasses make this image pop.

Quilter's Cottage image

Quilter's Cottage

I painted this cozy scene as a watercolor demo for some quilters who were visiting the studio.  My point to them was why not a yellow sky?  It's a lovely image that calms people.

horse riders image


A friendly card with two riders walking their horses in lovely weather.  Any horse lover will treasure this simple painting.

Chiselville Bridge

This covered bridge was next to our grandparents' home in Vermont.

Cottage by the Water image

Cottage by the Water

Life's Better at the Lake image

Life's Better at the Lake

Two in a Boat Adventure Quote image

Two in a Boat Adventure Quote

Maine Mists image

Maine Mists

Travel into this painting with the two birds.  It is a very calming image.

Summer Field image

Summer Field

Pretty flowers in the foreground will delight the recipient of this card.  It also is a lovely matted    8 x 10.

River image


Here is a perfect image to frame and meditate to.

Poppies and Poplars

Connie's View

Back Roads image

Back Roads

Barn and Rhodies

Country Road

Wild Rhodies


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