Beach Cards

Handmade beach cards that reflect the inviting vistas of beaches and sun kissed seascapes are inspiring cards to send for all occasions.

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Frame ready, matted 8" x 10" prints    $20.00 each.

Beach Grass image

Beach Grass

Blue Crab image

Blue Crab

Shoreline Kids image

Shoreline Kids

Sparkles on the waves and sand make this card come alive.

No Fear image

No Fear

The childlike leap always brings a smile

Lido Key image

Lido Key

Take a stroll in the warm air.  This is a calming card.

Tidal Beach image

Tidal Beach

Loblolly Break image

Loblolly Break

River Dawn image

River Dawn

Sandpipers image


Shelling image


Rocky Beach image

Rocky Beach

Beach and Lagoon image

Beach and Lagoon

Three Colorful Cottages image

Three Colorful Cottages

Prism Sky image

Prism Sky

Keys Beach image

Keys Beach

Wave image


Pelican image


Hammock and Palms image

Hammock and Palms

House on Cliff image

House on Cliff

Fishing Pier image

Fishing Pier

Beach Cottage image

Beach Cottage

This greeting card uses a painting that I did while vacationing on Conch Key.  It epitomizes relaxation.

Cut Out Beach Chair image

Cut Out Beach Chair

Send a card with a clever design.  The beach chair is cut out in every card and invites the recipient to sit a while.

Just Another Day in Paradise image


The grand beauty of the Hawaiian Islands inspired this painting.  Imaging approaching this harbor by sea in a modest sailboat.

Coconut Palms image

Coconut Palms

This card is very popular as it captures tropical warmth and beauty.  Framed, it makes a pleasing gift.

Sunset Couple image

Sunset Couple

This romantic card is so right for a wedding, anniversary or Valentine's greeting card.

Beach Picnic image

Beach Picnic

Walking towards the sea across the warm sand makes this  card universally appealing.  The sandy sparkles enhance it by coming out of the picture onto the card.

Strolling on the Beach image

Strolling on the Beach

Send this to friends who agree that it is a joy to walk bare footed where the sea washes the sand.

Rocky Island image

Rocky Island

Beautiful Vancouver Island inspired this painting. The greeting card is calming and could be used as a sympathy card.

Paradise Island image

Paradise Island

Sparkling waters edge and islands in the distance make this an appealing all occasion greeting card.

Beach Umbrella image

Beach Umbrella

This simple image is iconic and perfect for beach lovers.  I embellish every one with sparkles on the water and the top of the umbrella is cut out.  Send this card with a warm message of friendship.

Silver Dunes image

Silver Dunes

This calm seascape is embellished with silver beach grass.  It's an image that calms and is lovely framed in a 5 x 7 silver frame.  Send it as a caring sympathy or get well card.

Beach image


Here is one of my first beach cards.  It is inspired by the beautiful warm waters of the GulfThe picture expresses simplicity and warmth.  Give to a friend who needs to escape the travails of everyday life.

Golfer on Gold image

Golfer on Gold

It glows with warm colors and a golfer silhouette.  The sparkle embellishments suggest the path of the golf club.  Duffers of any age will be delighted to receive the greeting card.

Palm image


This graphic  card is a simple scene that suggests getting away from it all.  It's a great picture to frame.

Palm Sunset Couple image

Palm Sunset Couple

This romantic image is a fun painting.  I put glowing colors on the paper and when it's dry, the silhouette is addedIt's embellished with touches of gold.  This is a love card, perfect for all occasions having to do with love.

Rosemary Beach image

Rosemary Beach

Relax image


The brilliant pink sky of this watercolor painting holds the word "Relax".  Share it with a friend who is in need of a break.

Tropical Beach image

Tropical Beach

Relax, escape be calm.  This image is a tonic for the stressed and overworked.  Use this card to remind friends to chill.  Frame it in a 5 x 7 frame and mount it as a reminder that warmth and simplicity are life enhancers.

Lido Beach Adventure Quote image

Lido Beach Adventure Quote

Tropical Dream Adventure Quote image

Tropical Dream Adventure Quote

Wake Adventure Quote image

Wake Adventure Quote


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