Music Cards and Art Cards

Painting music cards and arts related subjects is close to my heart.  The positive energy seems to flow easily into these images. My cards have been sold in several Symphony Gift shops and at Carnegie Hall.

Why not take a look through these cards and see how they can inspire.

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violin, music-cards image


This was painted on a trans Atlantic flight when I had plenty of time to focus on it.  I love it when people tell me that it is framed.

birthday cake image

Artist's Birthday Cake

Send this to a creative friend for their birthday, they will love this artist card.

trumpet player image

Trumpet Player

While in New Orleans' Preservation Hall I did numerous 10 second sketches and this handsome musician was created. I embellish the card with a neon outline which gives it an edginess.

treble clef image

Prism Treble Clef

My inspiration for this image came from teaching about analogous colors, neighbors on the spectrum.

piano player image

Piano Player

While I can't play a piano, I can admire those who do.  This music card was one of the earliest in the series.

silver kokopelli image

Silver Kokopelli

A Native American icon.  The flute player is associated with merriment and partying.  I know he'll mean a great deal to the chosen recipient.

flute player image

Flute Player

A basic shape in gold on this rich watercolor is enhanced with sparkle swirls.  A music lover's card for sure!

artists palette image

Artist's Palette

This simple art greeting card  is piled high with pigment.  What artist wouldn't treasure this greeting.

Two Rose Music

Two Rose Music

This romantic painting is the perfect missive to send concert tickets in.  What a lovely way to start the evening.

Quilt Card, quilting ideas


Quilters are very patient and talented artists.  This colorful crazy quilt is a homage to their craft.  Delight a quilter with this all occasion card.

Glowing Music

Glowing Music

Glowing music is a gold embossed stamp on a vibrant watercolor.  Music lovers will love this card.  Perhaps it could be framed in gold and given as a gift.

party dress

Party Dress

The lyrics by Tom Petty and the hologram sparkle on the dress make you want to dance!  I think this could be a very romantic card.

little dancer

Little Dancer

Waiting in the wings to prance across the stage is this tiny dancer.  Her tutu is sparkly and her tummy glistens from the spotlights.

Rose Music Collage

Rose Music Collage

I used to construct these cards individually.. dying the rice paper with tea and painting the roses on it. While assembling pretty collages is simplified now,  the effect is still as memorable with the enhanced prints.

rose music

Rose Music

My sheet music is whimsical.  Notice the hearts and happy faces that sit on the lines.  A long stemmed rose completes this unique musical card.

ballet slippers

Ballet Slippers

Dancers will love this card devoted to those slippers that become an extension of the ballerina's legs.

sky dancer with garland

Sky Dancer with Garland

A graceful dancer trailing a golden garland is a lyrical image to celebrate any occasion.


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