Fruit Greeting Cards and Veggies Too

Colorful watercolors of an array of fruit greeting cards and vegetable cards make unique all occasion cards and look wonderful when framed in groupings.

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grapes fruit-greeting-cards image


This fresh and original card is perfect to accompany a bottle of wine.  Your host may frame it in the bar.

two pears, fruit greeting cards

Two Pears

Bright colors and a compelling image make this an appealing card for couples and love.

strawberry image


This greeting card has a plump strawberry on it.  The enhancement in neon pink makes the image pop.  A great one to frame along with other fruits.

Grape Wreath image

Grape Wreath

The purple grapes on this enhanced card are very dimensional and eye catching.  The image has a country style that appeals to a wide market. 

apples in basket image

Basket of Apples

Send this homey card to lovers of the simple life. It looks wonderful in a copper or gold frame in a rustic room.

Pineapple image


The symbol of hospitality and warmth is touched with gold and is a perfect house warming card.  Realtors love using this image to celebrate the closing with their clients.

apple image


Looking for a unique greeting card to send to a teacher? just found it.


Red Onion image

Red Onion

This subject took a bit more time and thought than I usually give to subjects that I delight in simplifying.  Happily it turned out to be worth the effort. I hope you consider framing it along with some of my other vegetable cards.

green pepper image

Green Pepper

Along with the other vegetables, this punch of green joins the group with it's own unique statement.  Hungry yet?

garlic image


When painting this seemingly white subject, I was happy to observe that violet and yellow ocher comprise much of its make up.  The garlic as a card?  Ever want to send a you stink greeting?

tomato image


Now we're cooking!   This image is a must in any grouping of vegetables that are to be framed.

eggplant image


  As a greeting this one eludes me but it is a necessary part of a framed vegetable grouping.

Beets image


This is a fun watercolor.  When I paint it in demos I love showing the green falling into the red.  It has been  used as a love card with the heart beets for you. 


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