Birthday Cards

Giving  handmade Birthday Cards shows that you have made that extra effort to make someone's "big day" that much more special.

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Otter Celebrate image

Otter Celebrate

Little Bird Card

Little Bird Card

Mouse image


Yellow Rose in Blue image

Yellow Rose in Blue

Petty Quote Party Dress image

Petty Quote Party Dress

Have a Magical Birthday image

Have a Magical Birthday

Flower Cottage image

Flower Cottage

Glorious Birthday image

Glorious Birthday

Lily on Prism image

Lily on Prism

bowl of blooms birthday card image

Bowl of Blooms

This bright card shows sparkles on the glass bowl.  It gives its message with a punch of contrast.

bear birthday card

Happy Bearthday

Are you smiling already?  Such a playful way to wish big cuddly bears happy birthday.

happy birthday to ewe card

Happy Birthday To Ewe

This painting, done on gesso...unique for watercolors.. has become several different greeting cards because I love substituting Ewe for you.
It always brings a smile!

Hummingbird image


This hummingbird has long been a favorite of my Mom.  It became a  Special Day card for the first time, on her birthday. Its wings are embellished with sparkles.

belated birthday wishes card

Baaalated Birthday Wishes

Here is a very whimsical belated birthday card.  You're sure to be forgiven for your oversight  when you send this dear little lamb.

Lotus image


The Lotus means many things; one of them is good fortune.  Buddhists revere this flower.  I thought it fortunate to add "Happy Birthday" to this painting.

have an awesome birthday

Have An Awesome Birthday

Here's a dramatic painting that makes a stunning impact.  Every one has a rushing waterfall to further capture your attention.

ladybug image


Lady bug lovers will be tickled pink to receive this whimsical image.  The font was chosen to compliment the playful image and the little bug has sparkly eyes.

daffodil image birthday card

Have A Daffy Delightful Birthday

Brighten a friend's day with this energizing daffodil and the playful good wishes splashed across it.

Prism Sky Happy Birthday

Prism Sky Happy Birthday

This dramatic  card is perfect to delight adventurers of all ages.  Give them a picture of paradise for their special day.

Water Lily image

Water Lily

Send a striking image with this bright watercolor where I enhance the water with sparkles.

mermaid image

 Mermaid Happy Birthday

This playful creature brings magic to your  wishes.  It's a whimsical card embellished with sparkles.

rooster image

Rooster Happy Birthday

What man won't be delighted to receive this handsome rooster card for his special day?

House on Cliff image

House on Cliff

Here is a relaxing landscape of a house with a view.  There are bright flowers in the garden, two birds flying by and birthday wishes to make the escape a celebration.

Iris image


The iris card is sophisticated and enhanced with a raised mustache of yellow.  Send this to your friends who love flowers.

Artist's Cake image

Artist's Cake

Here is an artist's birthday cake that is sure to delight painters and crafters.

Just Ducky

Just Ducky

The English expression "Just Ducky", means perfect in every way.  My duck portrait conveys these birthday wishes with whimsey and humor.

Baby with Daisy image

Baby with Daisy

Make a wish.  This little girl is picking daisy petals and is a sweet birthday card for children of all ages.

Golden Water Lily image

Golden Water Lily

Here's a very rich image that jumps with bold colors, yet conveys a peaceful image.  It will outshine all other cards on the mantlepiece!

Things Get Better With Age

Things Get Better With Age

My painting of the Italian countryside lends itself to this fun saying. I sometimes write inside, "If you are a cheese".

Champagne Birthday Wishes image

Champagne Best Wishes

A sophisticated  card for grownups to suggest that a touch of bubbly will aid the birthday celebration.

Silver Dunes image

Silver Dunes

A beach lover's birthday card.  The sea sparkles and the  dune are enhanced with textural silver.

Happy Cat image

Happy Cat

Contentment!  This image of our cat Ebenezer conveys pure contentment.  It's the perfect birthday greeting card for cat lovers.  The cat's whiskers glimmer and his nose is wet with sparkles.

Vanda Orchid image

Vanda in Green

This exotic orchid in an air box is such a pretty way of sending birthday wishes.  I use a metallic gold to embellish the box.

Duck image


Bring a smile when you send this funny card by writing, "It's Another Birthday " inside.

Wing It

Wing It

My dragon fly illustrates the wishes to make something special of your special day.

Birthday Cake image

Birthday Cake

The consummate birthday image.  I embellish the flame atop the candle and the flowers around it.

Orchid Happy Birthday

Orchid Happy Birthday

Birthday wishes on a soft watercolor of a luscious container of blooming orchids will delight all garden lovers.  The embellishment is on the twisting tendrils of air roots.

Sandhill Crane image

Sandhill Crane

This slightly oriental image is a good masculine birthday card.  My brushstrokes are calligraphic but I think very effective.

Tropical Flowers image

Tropical Flowers

Here is a warm and exotic way to wish friends a happy birthday.  They"ll love the fact that you picked such a unique card.

Pink Sky image

Pink Sky Awesome

This calm, peaceful painting captures a still and beautiful dawn.  What a way to start your special day.

Age is a State of Mind

Age is a State of Mind

This is a celebratory birthday card.  An ageless figure capturing the beach breezes in warm waters symbolizes well being.

Tulips image

Tulips Celebrate

Here is a vibrant birthday greetings card.  The flowers shout "Celebrate".  I enhance the glass with sparkles and touch on the bluebell's color.

Cat in the Hat image

Cat in the Hat

I painted this with a young student and turned it into a cat lover's birthday card.

Mountain Cottage image

Mountain Cottage

Here's an inviting landscape with birthday wishes on a soft robin's egg blue.  The tall grass by the path is embellished with golden wheat tops.

Cupcake image

Cupcake Make a Wish

This image is a whimsical birthday card. Each of the candles on the cupcake is alight with a touch of glitter.

Mountain Sunrise image

Mountain Sunrise

A mountain sunrise is always inspirational.  Send this mountain view birthday card to acknowledge the importance of making every moment of this birthday special.

Rainbow Fish image

Rainbow Fish

My fanciful fish is a colorful birthday card.  It blows luminescent bubbles through the greeting.  A really unique card.

Lowlands image


This lowland scene offers a colorful view of calm and tranquility.

Dogwood image


Choose this card with exciting contrasts.  The dark background sets off the light flowers and a charming font wishes "Happy Birthday".

Roses image


A perfect picture to wish someone a beautiful day.  Perhaps a few of the real thing to accompany this card would be fun!

Hummingbird and Orchids image

Hummingbird and Orchids

A hummingbird and orchid card is a colorful way of wishing the celebrant a very special day.  I enhance the bird's wings with hologram glitter which gives the illusion of motion.

Gold Rose image

Gold Rose

I love this painting.  The watercolor artist Janet Rogers taught me how to capture a rose in this loose fashion.  I add touches of turquoise to the warm golds to "up" the appeal.

Nanakim image


My tiny  doll is adding some magic to your birthday wishes.  This could also be a delightful "Save the Date" card.

Lavender image


Here's a simple and pure image of Lavender with a complimentary font wishing "Happy Birthday".  The flowers and leaves are gently enhanced with raised paint.


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